Freelancers are Startups


If you’re a freelancer, whether in your own locale or on the open web at one of those online freelance sites, most likely you probably made that choice so you could get a chance at to be able to defining e your own destiny. You want to work from your own home,  be able to dictate have control over when and at what time you go to work for the day report for duty (if ever), work from your own home, have a say in the creative process, and, if you’re diligent enough, be able to generate more revenue for yourself and your family and not be limited by what employers might dictate on you.

You’ve also most likely come across the word “startup” when you browse the web to read up on the latest developments in your industry. (You do read up, don’t you?) But what I’m interested to know is, would you consider yourself a startup?

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